We are seeing a vogue for a style of living that takes us out of the house “outside as if it were inside”. Out-of-doors (garden, terrace, patio or balcony) being treated as a serious “living space” is increasingly meeting aesthetic and design criteria. inspired by this, Johanne decided to create works specifically for exterior use. IN&OUT PAINTING takes art into great outdoors.
tableau-exterieur-cinier-1 PRODUCTION
The raw material of these works is natural stone from the Pyrenees. It is crushed then restructured in the CINIER workshops in Sète and is transformed into Olycale. This stone base is made to resemble a real canvas. Each panel is a unique piece painted with natural pigments and oxides that are resistant to UV rays, temperature changes and bad weather. Three steel fixings are embedded directly in the stone for easy hanging. Her creations are contemporary, the volume and material define how she works on each piece.

Every single shape or thing in the word has something to say” KANDINSKY 1912

The reactions of the stone with the pigments are rich and diverse, each time a new, unexpected form or shape appears. Johanne paints spontaneously, the raw markings on the stone panel providing her xith inspiration. Her initial training as a designer is a very important factor in her painting; it takes her to a dimension of graphic aesthetics that is the most powerful influence on the finished work. Sunlight plays a very important part in her painting. Depending on the time of day, the reflections created by differing thicknesses of the medium give an ever-changing face to the piece. Each change of light creates a new effect…
The image expresses a new emotion.